Saturday, December 21, 2019

UC Browser Turbo Fast Download Secure, Ad Block Mod Apk v1.8.6.900

UC Browser Turbo Fast Download Secure, Ad-Block Mod Apk v1.8.6.900 


About this Mod:

This is UC Browser Turbo Fast Download Secure Ads free and unlimited features. New Updates will be provided from time to time.

**If you have any problem with download link let us know through comments**


UC Browser Turbo is a new product from the UC Browser team. It is a simple web browser with simple design, no news and no messages, it can give you a better browsing experience.
UC Browser Turbo 2020 has functions like fast video download, data saver, ad block, private browsing, free cloud acceleration, secure browsing, pixelized wallpaper HD, multi-language and homepage customizable to optimize your browsing.

■ minimal design
■ fast video download
Free cloud acceleration ■
■ data saving
■ safe browsing
■ advertising block
■ video games in the background
■ Homepage optimization
■ video download
■ night mode
■ Personalized Wallpaper HD
■ support multi-language

Minimal design
No news flow, no push messages, simple but smart design brings you clean and convenient browsing experience.
Fast download
Our servers stabilize speed and download. By setting high download threads, your download speed can increase greatly.
Free cloud acceleration
Free cloud acceleration allows you to visit websites and watch videos anytime anywhere around the world.
Data saving
UC Browser Turbo helps you use less mobile data to control your data budget.
secure browsing
Incognito mode helps you browse in private. Your browsing history will not be recorded in this mode.
Ad block
The ad block function blocks various forms of advertisements that affect your browsing experience. Also you can manually mark them to block ads with the same style in future.
Personalized Wallpaper HD
Set your favorite photos on your phone as wallpaper and share them on social platforms with one click.
Homepage optimization
You can set your own homepage. Add your favorite sites from the bookmark to the homepage (add sites to the bookmark first), or remove all built-in sites to have a blank homepage. You can also set your own photo as a unique wallpaper. It's all up to you.
Download video
Download your favorite videos in advance so that you can watch them anywhere or anytime you want, even in a networked state.
Support multi language
Multi-language customized for you. Choose the language that suits you to get barrier-free browsing.
Night form

Night mode is more eye-friendly and allows you to browse more comfortably at night.

Click below to download:

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